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What Level Charge is this Ticket?

I got a ticket in Franklin County, Ohio from a Columbus City Officer. The traffic ticket was a citation for:

Speeding: 104 MPH in a 65 MPH zone (CTC code 2133.03).

Other: Change lanes W/O safety (CTC code 2131.148 or 2131.14A - I can't tell what the last character is)

I am summoned and ordered to appear in court. There is NO reckless op. indicated on my ticket.

What level are these charges (minor misdemeanor, M4, M3)? How can I tell, or does anyone know?

Thanks a lot, I appreciate the help!What Level Charge is this Ticket?
According to the DMV website, driving in a manner that is wreckless to other pedestrians or drivers is a four point violation.

55 mph or more - (+30mph over) 4 points

Additionally, even though wreckless operation was not cited, the judge will know the speed at which you were going and you will probably see hefty fines.

Normally, speeding tickets are considered infractions, but this charge may be classified as an M1, as it is blatant that you were driving at a speed that is dangerous to the safety of others.

What is the best way to get out of a speeding ticket after you've been issued a citation?

I got pulled over for going 70 on a 55. and i failed to change lanes while passing an emergency vehicle and the side of the road. After he pulled over he also gave me a ticket for having an air freshen bracelet hanging from my mirror....both speeding ticket and obstructed drivers vision ticket is both $249. Does anyone know how to get out of going to court next month to fight it.. i cant afford it i just bought this car and financing it. Any tips on how to fight it?? thanks!!What is the best way to get out of a speeding ticket after you've been issued a citation?
In any traffic court case or tax case you are called into court and the judge reads the law and then asks, ';Do you understand the charges?';

Defendant: No, Your Honor, I do not.


Well, what's so difficult about that charge? Either you drove the wrong way on a one-way street or you didn't. You can only go one way on that street, and if you go the other way, it's a fifty dollar fine. What's so difficult about this that you don't understand?';

D: Well, Your Honor, it's not the letter of the law, but rather the nature of the law that I don't understand. The Sixth Amendment of the Constitution gives me the right to request the court to explain the nature of any action against me, and upon my request, the court has the duty to answer. I have a question about the nature of this action.

J: Well, what is that - what do you want to know?

Always! Ask them some easy questions first, as this establishes that they are answering. You ask:

D: Well, Your Honor, is this a Civil or Criminal Action?';

J: It is criminal. (If it were a civil action there could be no fine, so it has to be criminal).

D: Thank you, Your Honor, for telling me that. Then the record will show that this action against ___(Straw Man Name)___ is a criminal action, is that right?

J: Yes.

D: I would like to ask another question about this criminal action. There are two criminal jurisdictions mentioned in the Constitution; one is under the Common Law , and the other deals with International Maritime Contracts , under an Admiralty Jurisdiction . Equity is Civil, and you said this is a Criminal action, so it seems it would have to be under either the Common Law, or Maritime Law. But what puzzles me, Your Honor, is, there is no Corpus Delicti here that gives this court a jurisdiction over my person and property under the Common Law. Therefore, it doesn't appear to me that this court is moving under the Common Law.

J: No, I can assure you this court is not moving under the Common Law.

D: Well, thank you, your Honor, but now you make the charge against me even more difficult to understand, the only other criminal jurisdiction would apply only if there was an International Maritime Contract involved and I was a party to it, it had been Breached, and the court was operating in an Admiralty Jurisdiction.

I don't believe I have ever been under any International Maritime Contract, so I would deny that one exists. I would have to demand that such a contract, if it does exist, be placed into evidence, so that I may contest it, but surely, this court is not operating under an Admiralty Jurisdiction.

You just put words in the judge's mouth.

J: No, I can assure you, we're not operating under an Admiralty Jurisdiction. We're not out in the ocean somewhere - we're right here in the middle of the State of North Carolina, No, this is not an Admiralty Jurisdiction.

D: Thank you, Your Honor, but now I am more puzzled than ever. If this/these charge/s is/are not under the Common Law, or under Admiralty - and those are the only criminal jurisdictions mentioned in the Constitution - what kind of jurisdiction could this court be operating under?

J: It's Statutory Jurisdiction.

D: Oh, thank you, Your Honor. I'm glad you told me that. But I have never heard of that jurisdiction. So, if I have to defend under that, I would need to have the Rules of Criminal Procedure for Statutory Jurisdiction. Can you provide me with the location of a copy?

THE END!What is the best way to get out of a speeding ticket after you've been issued a citation?
Pay it.
'; i cant afford it i just bought this car and financing it. ';

Then u shudn't of been speeding shud you, ma'am?
Dude just pay for it. It was your fault.
Maybe you can take defensive driving have the $250 fine waived. You're sunk with the obstructed view fine though
Don't break the law? I'm sorry but you wouldn't have gotten the tickets if you weren't braking the law. The bracelet is a bit much though, you could probably fight that and get a warning instead.
don`t speed to begin with
The best way to fight it - is actually just show up! Many police officers don't have time to appear in court, and if he does appear the judge may well take some sympathy on you and reduce the fine.

A ticket for an airfreshener? That's friggin ridiculous especially considering they sell them all over the place for exactly that purpose. Take it with you so they can see how small it is.

And be nice and polite - accusing the police gets you nowhere, just apologize and ask if the fine can be reduced. Dress nice and don't chew gum or something stupid.
there is probably no way to effectively fight any of them.Considering all of the charges you were obviously breaking the law, and to get out of it would mean that you would have to prove your innocence. if you are guilty, you stand no chance. Especially because of failing to move over for an emergency vehicle. That tends to piss off emergency workers, fire fighters and cops alike. If you happen to be innocent, you can hire yourself an expensive lawyer, request a jury trial, and try to find an error or a hole in the cops statement. But the cop will have written a report and so has notes available while being tormented by your lawyer in front of the jury. But it would be a jury trial, and again especially because of the emergency rig thing, a jury would likely see your guilt and convict you. Which would cause you to receive a stiffer fine, or maybe even jail time.
I have to say I am biased against you, ever since some person that also did not like taking responsibility for their actions did something just like you did. I had a car stopped, my emergency lights flashing when someone decided they had to pay attention to something other than their driving, and hit me breaking my left leg, tearing my left ACL, and spraining my right leg also. Pay it and let it be a lesson, next time may cost you or someone else more than a few dollars.
I'm going to add my two cents. Take the stuff off of your mirror and tell the judge you corrected that problem. Offer to plead guilty tot he speeding and ask for a payment plan. That way you can pay it off in installments.

Stop speeding.
You don't say what state or city you are in. That does matter somewhat. The larger, more urban the area the less likely the court is to cut you some slack.

The obstructed view ticket sounds like the officer was just stacking charges. Unless this air freshener is huge, I'd take it to court and argue that your vision was not obstructed by the small device.

The speeding ticket is a loser. I suspect you were picked up on his radar. So you are probably toast.

Now the most serious infraction is failing to change lanes while passing the emergency vehicle. You need to read that law. Here, the emergency vehicle must have its emergency flashers (top lights) in operation. If the patrol car is merely sitting on the side of the road, then it is just another parked vehicle. If the lights were going when you passed, then you are toast. The court will take the officer's word before it will take yours.

you came on here asked for answers got good ones then attacked those who told you the truth you cant get out of it. shame on you. never attack those answering you or you will never get answers

now to the question

the thing on your mirror is a fix it take the air freshener down

look up move over laws in your area.

my state just passed one. a move over law id exactly what it says you are to move over out of the way of emergency personnel. this is for their safety if they are stopped on the shoulder or if they are behind you trying to get somewhere.

too many cops are being hit and killed by careless drivers your not getting out of that.

you admit to speeding you have to pay for that too. so you just bought thee car. what right does that give you to drive 15 over. you could have killed someone. the posted speed limit is the max your supposed to drive not the min. be glad he didnt slap you with a reckless driving charge

call the county clerks office plead guilty and arrange a payment plan
Your best bet is to contact the courts and ask them these questions. They are the ones who will process your ticket and will know all the laws and regulation. You should also ask the courts if you are allowed to take a driving school class. This will prevent your insurance from going up and points from being placed on your license. Just make sure you get the courts permission before doing so. If you don檛 the courts will reject your driving school certificate. Good luck!
well first of all should not have been speeding when you knew full well that you could not afford a costly ticket, that is on you, as for the object on the mirror just take that off and tell the judge that have fixed that. once you get issued a ticket there is no way to get out of it you either just pay the fines and go on your way or fight and lose or win most of the time ppl lose and end up having to pay the fine and go to traffic school.

Highest percentage way to get out of them is by getting a lawyer. Granted that may run you couple thousand dollars, but a lawyer may find a way.

Next time you see flashing lights I bet you slow down and move over. Next time you are pulled over be a little nicer, the officer may decide to write you a ticket for every little thing, instead of just one. I also recommend moving your air freshener to a spot not in your view. You got that ticket because you told the officer you didn't see him. There for he is making sure you left with a clearer view of the road. Also most police cars now record the conversation you had with the officer, don't expect it to go well for you in court. Probably would have cheaper to not fight it as now you will have court fees tacked on and could add couple hundred more dollars.

By the way, I hope you didn't take the same attitude with the officer that you did us. If you did the Judge may order anger management for you also. All in all this could be a life changing moment for you.

Thank You
First of all, I suggest getting a lawyer. Explain every thing to them. Then say weather you want to plead guilty or not guilty. Then they will help you fight it to win.

Go and say the Air Freshener one was BS. The judge will probably throw that out any way.

Then try to get the judge to at least drop the fine and say you were only going 5 or 10 over the limit.

I will let the lawyer advise you on the rest.

A lot of times, these days, you don't even have to show up to court for a traffic case. The lawyer will go to court for you.

If they need to talk to you, they will call you. They will either get your additional info over the phone or have you come in and talk to the judge directly.

I recieve a speeding ticket in the state of Georgia. In the county of Dekalb, it says I was going 69 on a 55?

I recieve a speeding ticket in the state of Georgia. In the county of Dekalb, it says I was going 69 on a 55, the officer that pull me over didn't get me by any radar. He simply got me by his patrol car comparing his speed to me. Now I ask myself how can this be possible that he can detect the speed that I was going if he was atleast 100 feet behind me. Let me say it 1:40am and I was getting off of work. There not any cars behind him or me so it was easy to detect how far the distance he was. I was going around 56-57 and when I saw his headlight coming towards me not knowing he was an officer I accelerated a little more and then change lanes. About one mile later he pulled me over and ask for my license. 5 Minutes later I received the ticket for speeding. Now I have ask a couple of my officer friends in which I know, if I could plead not guilty and win the case. The told me that I could but I would like for other people to tell me there opinions. Court is in 30 minutes and I gotta run. I plead not guilty and the court will be reschedule for a later date, wish me luck and if anyone has any solution to this situation please reply. thank you for your timeI recieve a speeding ticket in the state of Georgia. In the county of Dekalb, it says I was going 69 on a 55?
The burden of proof is on the court and the officer. If he didn't clock your speed with a radar or laser then they have no proof you were speeding.I recieve a speeding ticket in the state of Georgia. In the county of Dekalb, it says I was going 69 on a 55?
In traffic court, the judge will always take the word of the officer OVER anything you say because he is entrusted.

The only way you can win in traffic court, is by undenyable proof.
Traffic court judges hear that same story about 200 times a day. Good luck, but I highly doubt you will win.
That puts you 14 miles over the speed limit, avoid the aggravations, suck it up and pay up.

Wondering how much to fix an electrical with my VW will cost?

I have a 2002 VW TDI that is showing some serious electrical issues. The first little thing was the directional would click-ity click after I would turn and the turn signal would click off. The lights did not blink while it clicked, just made the noise on the inside. But now I have found that the whole car has shut off on the freeway for a split second while it was running when I tried to change lanes and used my blinker. It has done this twice now and just wondering if anyone has any clue as to what this may be and what cost I might be looking at.

I know VW's are notorious for electrical issues...I can live with the blinker noise, but shutting down while driving I cannot.

Let me know what you think.

ThanksWondering how much to fix an electrical with my VW will cost?
More than it's worth.Wondering how much to fix an electrical with my VW will cost?
Unfortunately electrical problems are sometimes very hard to find. Quite a few garages will charge you by the hour until they find the problem.... that's if they ever do find it.

It may be a problem that is covered by a recall, check with your local VW dealer to see if this problem is on a recall. This may be something that you need to report to the NHTSA: because if this happens on the freeway you could get in a serious accident.

Here's a list of recalls:
I agree with Briano. Check grounds and also fuses. Check for corrosion around battery housing and cables too. Check all covers of fuse boxes; water or moisture may be getting in.

We have owned VWs for years and have experienced Zero electrical issues.

Hope yours is resolved soon.
have your battery tested for weak cells, then replace your battery cables from the Negative post to the Frame and then from the frame to the Transmission.

VW's are not any more prone to Electrical issues than any other car.

Have you cleaned the rain drains under the hood?
check the mass airflow sensor

clicking is from a bad t/s relay

I need info on a wrongful speeding ticket. Help!?!?

First off I live in Houston, TX and yesterday my husband and I were driving down a very congested freeway. When we exited we were waved over by an officer for what we though was just a random vehicle check. License, registration and inspection sticker checks are not uncommon so we kindly obliged. When we rolled down the window to ask the officer what the problem was he said we were speeding. Now let me tell you that on I-45 at 5:47pm there is NO POSSIBLE WAY you could be speeding. Plus we were slowing to change lanes to turn in to a car dealership. Also, the officer had JUST let another vehicle go had no radar on him and said he clocked us coming off the freeway. Which was impossible if he was finishing up on another ticket. My husband asked how he clocked us, he replied with, he ';saw'; us. When my husband asked if there was a radar/laser that could be shown he refused and said that the radar didn't matter. We asked how fast we were going. He replied with ';uhhhhhh 57'; However on our ticket it states ';56';At this point my husband became agitated, and refused to sign the ticket. Honestly, there was no way we were speeding and we were the unlucky duck to fill the officer's quota. The officer told my husband to get in the squad car without reading him his rights and at this point I was in tears. I called my mother because I would need her help to get my husband out of jail when the officer threatened m husbands job and said since he was a teacher, he would make sure this offense had him fired. So, my mother asks to speak to the officer after i explain that there was no radar no nothing we were just waved over. At this point he tells my mother how rude and belligerent I was being. All I did was cry the whole time. I had never ever been in any type of trouble with the law. I have WAY too many law enforcement officials in the family to get in trouble. He said I questioned his ability to do his job. At that point I was upset and I said my uncle was a 25year officer on the force and we know better than to do something like this. Both our records are clean. I asked if I could talk my husband in to signing the ticket so we could be on our way. The whole time I answered yes sir, no sir...ect. He obliged and I get out of the car at which time he stops me in front of the squad car and yells at me over how his family get tickets all the time and how he was going to send me to jail over not hanging up the phone with my mother and obstructing a police investigation. He said when your in the presence of an officer you do what they say and you keep your mouth shut. He said he was going to have cps come get my child because I left her in the vehicle to talk to my husband...which HE ALLOWED. I did nothing wrong, my husband did nothing wrong. I know we should have just signed the ticket and went on our way- but this was just corrupt. Is there anything we can do to fight the ticket? I did talk my husband in to signing the ticket. This was not fair. He refused to explain the paperwork he gave my husband and said ';if he was smart enough, he'd figure it out';

What do we do?I need info on a wrongful speeding ticket. Help!?!?
From what you are telling me the officer was in the wrong for his action taken. If you want to contest the ticket wait until your court date when you can see that officer again. Explain to the judge what happen. As for as you husband not signing the ticket that is an automatic arrest. The cop saying that he'll have him fired is a bunch of BS. The cop saying that he'll have CPS come and take your child was way out of character. If the child was not placed in danger then there's no way a supervisor would even allow CPS to come out. I really want you to email me at because there's somethings I want to say that I should post on hereI need info on a wrongful speeding ticket. Help!?!?
There should be a video record of the stop from the officer's dash cam ';if'; he had it running. You have the option to contest the ticket and the prosecution would be obliged to produce the dash cam tape from the cruiser as evidence. Make sure the ticket itself is genuine and not bogus by taking it to an alternate police station to have it verified. You haven't said what the limit on I-45 is on that stretch of highway, if it's 45mph it's conceivable an officer could eyeball a speeder but if it's 55mph the guy would have to be pretty special to ';observe'; 1-2mph over the limit.
Why would your husband not sign the ticket to begin with? It's not admitting guilt it's just agreeing you'll show up to court to dispute the matter. Go to court and tell them exactlly what you said here.
Ok...many problems here with your plea for commiseration

1. ';the officer had JUST let another vehicle go had no radar on him and said he clocked us coming off the freeway. Which was impossible if he was finishing up on another ticket.';

No, it is not. You obviously have no idea how a radar functions in a cruiser. Most, if not all, radars made within the past decade have a lock feature, which allows an officer to lock in one speed and keep the radar on to monitor traffic further. So, I could have someone pulled over and still have my radar active to monitor anyone else who feels like blasting by my cruiser while I have someone stopped.

2.';When my husband asked if there was a radar/laser that could be shown he refused and said that the radar didn't matter.';

I don't agree with the ';didn't matter'; part, but an officer is not obligated to show a driver the radar at the time of the stop in most states, especially when the roadway is congested, as you said it was. The last thing an officer wants is an angry driver throwing a fit out in the middle of traffic.

3.';He replied with ';uhhhhhh 57'; However on our ticket it states ';56';';.

I often write the ticket for a few miles below the speed I locked the driver at, because of the way fines work in my state. Every 5 MPH, the fine goes up, so if I get you at 81, I'll write for 79 to give you a break. By definition, your have to be going at least 56 if you are clocked at 57.

4. ';At this point my husband became agitated, and refused to sign the ticket';

Pure foolishness. Signing a ticket does not imply guilt in any way, it simply means that you know you got the ticket and what you are supposed to do. Without a signature, the only other way an officer can prove that you got the ticket is by arresting you and physically bringing you in, to show that you received the ticket. Refusal to sign is also a separate crime in itself.

5. ';The officer told my husband to get in the squad car without reading him his rights';

Miranda rights only need to be read if a subject is questioned after being placed in custody. If the officer did not question your husband at this point, there is no need for Miranda.

6. ';he stops me in front of the squad car and yells at me over how his family get tickets all the time and how he was going to send me to jail over not hanging up the phone with my mother and obstructing a police investigation. He said when your in the presence of an officer you do what they say and you keep your mouth shut. He said he was going to have cps come get my child because I left her in the vehicle to talk to my husband...which HE ALLOWED.';

I don't agree with the officer at all on this part, if it happened as you said. Since it occurred directly in front of his cruiser, it would all be on his cruiser camera. This is where I always have people stand to ensure we are both on camera.

7. ';I did nothing wrong, my husband did nothing wrong.';

You did not do anything worng, but by your own admission your husband refused to sign the ticket, which is an arrestable offense and just a foolish thing to do. If you want to argue the ticket, you do it in court. Regardless of if the speeding ticket is legit or not, acting in this manner is not the way to resolve the issue.

P.S. I like how you ';kindly obliged'; the officer by pulling over. You are required to by law. It's not like you were doing him a favor by pulling over for him.

Why do people from New Jersey drive like they are on meth?

If you need to change lanes and someone is along side and 2 car lengths behind you, as soon as you put your turn signal on they STOMP on the gas so that you cant get infront of them. If you slow down to make left turn they will go along your right onto the shoulder and ive even seen them go up over curbs and grass just to get around you while braking as little as possible. No matter how fast you are going they just HAVE to get around you, you can be doing 10 over and yet its like your in everybodies way. And if its not possible for them to get around you they ride your bumper with the brights on. If you need to leave a gas station and get back onto the main road nobody will slow down to let you, so if you just go anyways they will hold down the horn and ride your butt. Then when they viciously go around you they give the horn a quick toot as an ';FU beep';. If you are sitting at a green traffic light that has no little green arrow built in and you need to make a left turn, the oncoming traffic wont let you, and the only time youll be able to is when the light turns red. At toll plazas if you dont have easy pass and you spend a fraction too much because you are reaching for your dollar or need to put your seatbelt back on the people behind you will frantically honk their horns, and then once they get onto the highway with you and catch up to you, they give a quick toot of the horn as another ';FU beep';. I forgot the rest. This seems like a terrible way to live your life and it takes all of the fun out of driving. Its impossible to go out and ride a motorcycle or go for a cruise in your classic car on a sunday, or just try and drive to work on a tuesday morning with your coffee stress free. You have to deal with the ';parkway derby';Why do people from New Jersey drive like they are on meth?
Wow, you just described my commute. Just because they have stress, does not mean that has to transfer to you. its inside them, but remains outside you. their honks, screams, and fingers out the window just mean they are displeased and stressed out. don't let it bother you.Why do people from New Jersey drive like they are on meth?
It's contagious - they simply catch this from their proximity to New York drivers.
I feel ya!! But we got em here too.
No its not that we catch it from new york drivers..i will be the first to tell you we jersey drivers are impatient *******..And if we see someone from a different state we most likley know your not going to be driving as fast as us so noone wants to get stuck behind you. if you dont like the way we drive then hey, dont come here =D
Drivers in the NE, and ';Joisey'; in particular do seem to be the worst in the nation, right ahead of California ';car aimers.'; Maybe it's the water.
Those are the NY and PA drivers that are here every weekend. They come here to save on gas.
Their relatives in the Canadian province of Ontario do the same thing.
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  • Been doing good, then saw my ex, now I'm confused?

    My ex girlfriend broke up with me about a year ago. It was a very passionate and wierd relationship. We had great sex, and I'm convinced she's the only girl I ever loved. I don't know if she felt the same way. Anyways she broke up when she got back from a trip.

    I haven't seen or talked to her in 8 months. I have been dating this new girl, and it's been going pretty good. Then BAM, I change lanes and see her on the highway. Everything stopped, she didn't see me, but I was a dear in headlights.

    The thing is, I can't stop thinking about her. There was never closure, she just brushed me off like we had nothing and never really talked again. I keep thinking about how much I loved her. We were absolutely nuts for each other. I'm in my late 20's, and it's not like I'm in high school. I loved this girl, and she crushed my world.

    I don't want to mess up my new relationship, and I'm positive my ex could care less if she ever would see me again. She did txt me a couple times when drunk, but still she's over me. I guess I'm not with her.

    What should I do? I want to pursue my relationship I'm in, but in the back of my mind I know she'll never make me feel the way my ex did.

    Ha, why is it I want, what I can't have so bad?Been doing good, then saw my ex, now I'm confused?
    I understand what youre going through, I went out with my ex for 3 years and she broke up with me a while back but to this day i know she was the only one i really ever loved and i gave her everything. I now have a new girlfriend but its hard because like you i know this girl wont treat me the same and do the same things as my ex and sometimes when im hanging out with my gf i think abt my ex and it really bugs me because i know my ex is over me and wouldnt want to be with me but i would give everything to be with her..

    ';I want, what I can't have so bad?'; A very true statement and life is really unfair.

    I hope you get through this and you get what you want or at least get some closure. Good luck in your new relationship!Been doing good, then saw my ex, now I'm confused?
    A drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts... clearly she must still have closure issues as well. you need to have a talk with her and tell her how u feel and how u felt. that way you will at least get closure, and whats the worst that can happen? she already broke up with you.
    My mommy tole me girls were made of sugar and spice,

    My Daddy tole me, son-dont let the same dog bite you twice.

    If it happens again like it did next time, somebodys' gonna have to walk the line
    you havent completely moved on. it will take some time, but just keep telling yourself that she was wrong for you, regardless of how you feel about her, you two were not meant to be
    DUDE just get over her there is nothing you can do its over and its done with....let the pass be the pass dont mess up this relationship because of your dumb*** x
    Mmm, I understand what you're going through. I had something similar happen to me. It was nearly 2 years before I got closure with the person...This is a really difficult situation, and the way it finally got solved for me was because I met ';The One.'; If the person you're with now doesn't make you feel like your ex, then maybe you need to consider that she is not the one for you (I know you probably don't want to hear that...)

    You could try talking with your ex and see if you can get closure somehow, but it could leave you even more deeply hurt.

    One day, though, you'll either realize the girl you're with now is the one you want and you will forget about your ex, or you will find someone new that makes you forget your ex.

    Best of luck to you!
    Wow you are in a jam. But everyone always wants what they can't have. I have been in this situation before, I was with someone I was completely nuts over, and they were nuts for me too. We dated for a while, then I got dumped... hard.

    I didn't see them for months after and I got in a new relationship. I saw my ex once and started to get those same feelings as you. But when I started talking to him again, he had changed, A LOT. He wasn't the person I had fallen for anymore, he was a douche.

    So it sounds like you have the same situation, if you are sure she was in love with you and now she seems like she could care less, she has changed for sure and if you start talking to her again you will see it and you will realize she is not the girl for you anymore.

    I say stay with your new found relationship and stay away from your ex because that will just risk losing your new girlfriend.

    How can you still be in love with someone who could care less about you anymore? Someone who could throw you away that easily? That is what I realized after talking to my ex.

    How do you know your new girlfriend won't make you as happy? You haven't been with her long enough to know, there is always opportunities.

    So just pick yourself up and forget about your ex, she will always be your first love but she will always be in your past too. Your new girlfriend is your future, focus on her. =)
    just think about all the bad things she's done to you man... i know it's tough because i went through the same thing. think about it... she texted you when she was drunk, that doesnt really mean anything. you have this new girl right in front of you, dont take her for granted because if you do and you lose her you'll be asking another question on here about how to get her back. you're in your late 20's... that's still young dont worry man you still have a while.

    answer mine please?;鈥?/a>
    Whoo! Finally, an honest guy who doesn't just use Yahoo Answers as a way to get ways to get a girl to like him! :-D Okay.... look, you sound like an incredible guy, so you should call/text her! Tell her you going bowling/to the beach etc., and your other guy-friend dropped out. This doesn't have to be a date, but does she want to come just to hang out? As friends? If she does this, make this a common habit.... maybe over time she'll realize what she saw in you... And if not, atleast you'll have another great friend! But then, if it doesn't go well - think about how she has hurt you - texting you drunk, that's playing with you! And then pushing you away! ... Well, Good luck!!!


    Phoenix S.
    Tell me about it. I've been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. I was with a guy on and off for seven years. We had great sex too, etc and so on. Well, then he decided that he ';didn't have time to date';, and a bunch of other excuses. It took three years for me to get over that S.O.B., but he's always at the back of my mind. I've never been able to forget him, no matter what I've done. But I know that I could never trust him again, because he screwed around on me at least twice that I knew of, possibly more. I don't know the reason why your ex-girlfriend broke up with you, but from what you say, she seems pretty insensitive. She gets back from a trip and then dumps you??? A couple of possible red flags went off at that one. And here's the deal. If the one you are with now is a very good person, treats you right, and things are going good, then by all means pursue the relationship. I know I won't find another guy who made me feel like my ex either, but then I don't want another cheater. And if she texts you while drunk, that should tell you alot right there, and nothing good. Tell her to stop texting you so you can move on with your life, and suggest to her that she get a life and grow up while she's at it. She breaks up with you and then teases you with text messages??? Come on!! I would keep up with your relationship for now. If it doesn't work out, then being by yourself for a while will give you a chance to get together with friends, volunteer somewhere where you can meet other people. If this relationship you are in doesn't work for you, you will eventually find the right one. Good luck.
    i know how you feel.. like no matter what ur ex had that one special thing that kept u going that you cant seem to find in anyone else?

    i think you need to talk to your ex though. if you dont find closure evertime ur in a situation like this, your always gunna wonder how she feels and if things had been diff. what woulda happened. You other have to get her back or find closure.. Yeah closures gunna hurt like h*ll but thats just life... and your always gunna have rationalization as your defense mechanism if you dont settle things with her. (settling for someone else because ou cant have her anyway) its not being true to yourself hun.
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