Monday, November 22, 2010

When someone ';cuts you off'; on the road, what does that expression mean?

I don't drive, so I'm not clear on this. How exactly does someone ';cut you off?'; They cut you off from what? Does it mean they changed lanes at the last minute and pulled into your lane very close to and in front of you? Does it mean something else? I never could understand this phrase.

Anyone?When someone ';cuts you off'; on the road, what does that expression mean?
They 'cut you off' from accessing the road! someone ';cuts you off'; on the road, what does that expression mean?
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They cut right in front of you
Very good genius.
They zip around and drive right in front of you.
When they pull in front of you, or do something that would make you slam on your brakes to avoid hitting them.
It means that they cut into traffic right in front of you, causing you to have to slow down to avoid hitting them.
It means that they were totally ignorant and have no respect for anyone else on the road. Sometimes they come into your lane and leave you nowhere to go in your lane and you either have to stop or run off the road.
It means that somebody cuts off a part of your car like a bumper or side mirror with their vehicle. It is a very malicious act and should only be done by stunt drivers.
They drive in front of you,kinda like cutting in front of a line type of sort.
Kind of like ';cutting in line'; for you walkers.

basically, they are swirving in front of you or pulling out in your path.
Just learn to make a fist, send your middle finger straight up in the air, and stick you hand out your window in clear view so the guy that cut you off can see it in their rear view mirror.
You answered your question correctly
It means that they cut your lane and suddenly popped in from of you, making you to have to slow down or change your lane.
it means they are insensitive jerks
this ';cutting off occurs when a car comes from behind you in a parrallel lane and moves in front of you causing you to slow down in order to avoid a crash
the driver suddenly takes your lane and appear in front of you. The act will force you to either step on the break and/or instinctively raise your foot to prepare to press the brake pedal.
What it means is that you are a sane driver in the right lane driving a normal acceptable speed to where there are a few crazy drivers going about 80mph and they come up behind you really mad like and go around you and pull in front of you within inches of your bumper. Sometimes, they do this to get off of the right exit on the highway, sometimes, just somebody who is drunk, or somebody who is too tired and not thinking. Alot of people do this because they are just plain inconsiderate, not thinking of safety and not thinking about getting a ticket. Sometimes, they just have road rage and are mad at everybody.
Yes, it means someone changes lanes suddenly right in front of you, no warning, very dangerous maneuver allowing little time for you to brake, typically makes even the most even tempered person suddenly and extremely po'd!
I've been driving for the past 20 years of my life, and have experienced being 'cut off' in traffic many, MANY times. If you have yet to experience it... then good for you!! When you do, you'll know it!!! Your blood will boil, your heart rate will race, you'll be angry for no good reason other than the fact that someone else is not being courteous to other drivers. But the weird part is that you end up driving equally bad just to try and 'teach' the other driver a lesson... for what good reason I don't know, because it NEVER works!!!
When it comes to driving, you are correct in your definition. It could also mean that you sever emotional ties with someone and no longer talk to them. In another, it could also mean no longer giving someone money; as in a parent no longer paying for an older child's items. The phrase used this way is usually used to describe a situation after an argument or disagreement.
While passing, they cut into the lane you are driving too soon. Sometimes causing you to brake or slow down.

Pull out in front of you, again causing you to slow down or brake.

Some people's reaction to this activity is to ';flip them off. Now, in an effort to save you ten points asking what that means, it is when you raise your fist into the air with only the middle (long man) finger protruding from the fist. This gesture is normally not a good thing and should be used w/caution.

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